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Car Insurance in Ethiopia

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About us

Our Insurance Service

We provide sales and after sales care service for all the three types of car insurance services available from Ethiopia’s insurers. Car insurance buyers can select from the three types of auto and motor insurance and request for a quote. We will search for the best price available on the same day of the request to notify our customers and to complete the insuring process.

1. Third Party Only Insurance

According to Ethiopian law, all motor vehicles are required to fulfill a minimum insurance requirement before they get on the road. Third Party Only Insurance is the minimum insurance requirement for all types of cars and motor vehicles in Ethiopia. This is the cheapest form of insurance that most car owners buy to get the coverage stipulated by law.

2. Third Party plus Fire and Theft Insurance

With the addition of a small premium to the Third Party Only Insurance, car buyers can upgrade their car insurance to add coverage for the unfortunate event of fire and theft. This type of insurance provides coverage similar to Third Party Only Insurance, and provides additional coverage for damage caused to a vehicle as a result of fire or theft!

3. Comprehensive Insurance

Considering the price of cars in Ethiopia, most car buyers and owners prefer this type of insurance to get an extensive coverage for their very valuable asset. Comprehensive insurance provides the maximum coverage for your car and can be extended or endorsed to include coverage for passenger accident benefit, territorial limit or malicious damage as well as other benefits. Comprehensive insurance is highly recommended for all cars and especially for commercial vehicles!

Our vision

Best Car Insurance Prices & Service

At, car buyers and owners can find the best car insurance policies for their selection of coverage from any of Ethiopia’s insurers. Upon request from our customers, we will search for the best car insurance price that fits the specific coverage need. Select the type of coverage you require, and spend five minutes to fill out a simple form to send your request for a quote. Getting car insurance from is that easy!

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